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7 Ways To Avoid Weight Gain Over The Holidays

The Yearly Battle Begins-How to avoid weight gain during your next holiday

The holiday period is often a time for weight gain that despite New Years Resolutions may take the entire year to lose. Sadly for many, the weight gained during this season is never lost and accumulates year after year in an upward spiral. It is so much better to manage this time wisely and avoid the gain in the first place.

The following are every effective strategies to avoid weight gain over the holidays

  1. Drink one extra litre of water per day- to clear the body of accumulating salts and assist digestion.
  2. Choose only one day in every four to consume the Party Food & Drink- the other four days eat usual amounts and clean foods
  3. Avoid Salty Foods- like chips and pizza as this fluid gain is also difficult to budge
  4. Exercise an extra hour on the Party Day- to keep your metabolism burning at a higher rate and to burn off some off the excess, and include interval training
  5. Exercise in the morning on an empty stomach- to make most use of burning up those extra calories and to stimulate the metabolism, and to ensure it is completed before the holiday plans are underway
  6. Ensure there is protein in each meal being consumed- eggs, chicken, lean beef, pork, turkey, seafood, fish, to buffer blood sugars
  7. Ensure there is plenty of fibre in your meals the rest of the week- from vegetables or a teaspoon of psyllum husk can be beneficial.

(The above is a photo taken the first night after competition and after a very big meal of all the foods I had been missing but with careful planning was ready to go on stage 6 days later!)

7 Ways To Avoid Weight Gain Over The Holidays
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