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About the Practice Founder : Rebecca Micich

Rebecca Micich

Bachelor of Physiotherapy, 
La Trobe University, Melbourne

Bachelor of Applied Science Human Movement,
University of Ballarat,  Ballarat

 Graduate Diploma in Exercise for Rehabilitation,
Victoria University, Melbourne

Rebecca Micich, the practice founder is a qualified Physiotherapist, Exercise Physiologist and Clinical Pilates specialist.

Rebecca has a long history in the Fitness Industry, and one of the youngest people to complete the Fitness Instruction Course at the age of 16.  She has lectured in Fitness Leadership, Core Stability & Pilates.  After completion of her first university degree, Rebecca both managed and personal trained clients at a Melbourne Fitness Centre.  Exposure to these clients and their injuries lead to undertaking a degree in Physiotherapy, to better understand injury and exercise rehabilitation.  In 2007 she co-authored and presented the Qfit Fitness Application.

As a Physiotherapist, Rebecca has worked in private practice in both Victoria and New South Wales  and for the Australian Army at Simpson Barracks.  Rebecca has provided physiotherapy Sports Coverage, Pre-Season Screening, and injury management for numerous sporting groups and teams. These include the AFL Team Western Jets, Masters Swimming, Hockey, Triathlon, the Marathon, Soccer, Cricket, Motor Cross and Rowing.   Rebecca's back ground in Exercise Prescription and Pilates principles provides her with unique movement analysis skills to thoroughly assess occupational and sports related injuries. Over the years she has managing the entire fitness and rehabilitation requirements of many individuals, to great success.

Her physiotherapy techniques rely predominantly on manual therapy and exercise prescription.  Rebecca develops exercise programs for: injury management, strength and conditioning for optimal sporting performance, to enhance quality of life, stress relief, general health and fitness, weight loss and promote healthy aging. Programs are structured around injury minimisation, addressing individual health requirements: including recent surgeries, hospitalisations, illness and overall wellness. Programs are periodised and appropriately progressed to meet goals and maintain motivation.

Rebecca’s personal sporting participation includes competing as a Track Cyclist for 7 years, training as as an athlete under the Strength and Conditioning Program at the Victorian Institute of Sport, and participating in Bodybuilding/ Figure Sculpting. Her Figure Sculpting achievements include winning the Overall Title at her first competition at the INBA State Titles. Placing third at the Australian Titles for both, third in the INBA International Natural Olympia in and winning the ANB Asia Pacific..

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Function & Form Patients

What type of Patient do we see at Function & Form?

The patients who attend Function and Form Physiotherapy and Exercise range from children to the elderly. The greater proportion of patients we see are aged 30-60, and live or work in the Lower North Shore area.  Abilities and fitness vary greatly, ranging from elite and casual athletes in many sports, to the sedentary office worker.  Over the years Function and Form has provided injury management and strength and conditioning for City to Surf,  Half and Full Marathon Runners, Masters Swimmers, Soccer and Tennis Players and Rowing.

Children who present for physiotherapy often require assistance with bone fractures, growth related issues or sporting injuries. Adolescents experience similar issues along with Postural Pain and Dysfunction as longer periods in study postures and sudden growth changes present a challenge.

The working adult often requires Physiotherapy to address Workplace Ergonomics, Occupational Injuries, and Sports or Activity related injuries.  These patients benefit from traditional manual therapy physiotherapy treatment methods, as well as strength and conditioning programs to rehabilitate the patient. These created with access to equipment in mind,  and my include gym based or Home Exercise Programs.

Some of the most rewarding work we do is working with Retirees.  We have a number of over 60's (the oldest is over 80) who access our services weekly, fortnightly or monthly seeking Wellness Programs. These exercise programs are personalised to address underlying injuries ie. rotator cuff, degenerative/ osteoarthritic knees, postural issues, biomechanical issues ie. poor posture, other health concerns ie. heart disease, diabetes, and combine rehabilitation with general health and fitness exercise.   We believe this approach is the future of health and wellness for our ageing population.  Being proactive, and working towards preventive measures, these patients minimize fall related injuries, weight gain (which has an abundance of negative health outcomes), lack of mobility and fitness which inturn affects the capacity to live independently.