Function & Form Physiotherapy & Exercise
Function & Form & Exercise
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The Function & Form Experience

Function & Form Physiotherapy & Exercise is a unique patient experience.  It is where Acute Injury Rehabilitation meets meaningful Functional Exercise.  Work with a practitioner who is experienced in delivering physiotherapy and exercise prescription for health and fitness.  Basically a one stop shop for health.

A patient who makes an appointment will have one complete hour with a physiotherapist who will take a thorough history and physical assessment.  With a provisional diagnosis, appropriate treatment is administered, and a series of exercises prescribed to address the relevant areas.

The focus of treatment is on return the patient to their relevant activity/ sport / the workplace/or general activities of daily living where possible.  In many cases, our patients complete the rehabilitation process in better condition than when they became injured.  This is because we provide education and support during treatment on nutrition, weight management, injury prevention, and the importance of regular exercise.

The practice owner Rebecca Micich is both an Exercise Physiologist and Physiotherapist and as such, is able to discuss diet and nutrition and formulate plans to achieve enhanced athletic performance, injury recovery, or weight loss.
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