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Exercise & physiotherapy in North Sydney

Adjustable Pulley Machine Training

This machine offers a multitude of exercise options. The pulleys are moved with one or both arms or legs, either in unison or alternating.

Cable Motion™ Technology employs user-defined paths of motion that allow for a nearly endless variety of strength training options that builds balance, stability, and power.

The Signature Series Dual Adjustable Pulley has a weight stack that delivers a 1:4 resistance level to provide lower starting resistances for beginners, and allows high-speed movements to replicate sport-specific training.

The apparatus can be used in the upper body, lower body, core, and total-body exercises, and be customised to suit training requirements. 

Pregnancy Related Conditions

Physiotherapy provides pain relief for many conditions associated with pregnancy, as well as imparting education to prepare women for pregnancy, […]

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Neurological Conditions

Physiotherapist treat patients with Neurological Conditions. These conditions result in movement and functional impairments due to damage to either the […]

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Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting beyond the 12 week normal tissue healing time. Chronic Pain leads to disability, […]

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Wrist Pain (De Quervain's Synovitis)

A common cause of wrist pain at the base of the thumb is known as De Quervain's Tenosynovitis.  This injury […]

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