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Foam roller training

Foam rollers are a super-versatile piece of equipment that may be incorporated into training sessions to add a degree of instability, interest and increase the difficulty level of an exercise. (Foam Rollers are not only for working out the knots in your muscles.)

The foam roller can be used to develop strength, balance and flexibility . For example:

Place the Foam Roller Underneath the elbow in a Plank or Underneath hands in a High Plank or Push Up.

The unstable surface requires a greater engagement of muscles and of the core thus making total-body exercises like planks and pushups even more challenging.

Using the Foam Roller like a Weights Bench

Perform db chest press, flies, pullovers, unilateral movements on the foam roller, ensures the core muscle will work harder to maintain balance on the unstable surface. Incorporating the roller into basic strength training moves works towards improving proprioception.

Balance Training

Similar to training tools such as balance boards and discs, foam rollers can also be used for a variety of different balance drills and exercises. ie. with the roller underneath the rear foot in a rolling lunge.

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