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Food Recording Methods for Weight Loss

Over the years of working with personal training clients and their nutrition there is never a one size fits all approach. Sometimes it can take a while to discover the most appropriate strategy for that client.

Most importantly, is for that persons nutritional goals to be met in a way that is effective and efficient to be incorporated into their daily tasks.

The first and most straight forward plan is to use an application like myfitnesspal, nothing better than seeing exactly what you are eating in terms of calories, macros, fibre and sugar. This approach is useful for those with moderate computer skill and access to smart phone, tablet or computer, initially it can take time to set up but eventually with repetition inputting daily food can take 3 minutes. The challenge for this approach is estimating the amounts of food, and guesstimating contents of prepared or dining out meals.

My least favourite is the written method, invariably I end up seeing entries like: a bowl of pasta, green thai curry etc. It is impossible to  calculate even vaguely macros or calories from this type of information.

One client found an effective strategy was to attend a one hour appointment each week to discuss food. Never was any specific plan devised, instead we would discuss restaurants and cafés in the local area and what on their menus were great options, how to create time in the day to eat and making his health a priority. After 6 months his lost 8 kilograms all without dieting.

More recently for convenience I have asked clients to take photos of all the food they eat for the day, so I can evaluate if they are able to appropriately interpret my nutritional guidelines and proportions. Sadly, honestly in regards to food intake can be a huge issue for some clients, this technique may identify clients who skip meals, struggle with portion control or knowledge about interchanging proteins, fats, starchy carbs and fibrous carbs.

Very interested in hearing of methods others utilize?

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