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Function & Form & Exercise
Exercise & physiotherapy in North Sydney

 Our Physiotherapy Treatment Methods

Manual Therapy, Exercise Prescription and Education are vital components of physiotherapy treatment.



Manual Therapy is hands on treatment with the aim to effect the underlying structures to reduce pain and stiffness, promote lymphatic drainage & blood circulation, or improve movement.  Some of the techniques Physio use are:
1. Joint Mobilisations (gentle joint gliding techniques)
2. Joint Manipulation
3. Muscle Energy Techniques (METs)
4. Massage- both Deep Tissue Massage & Soft Tissue Massage
5. Soft Tissue Techniques
6. Sports Taping



In our fully equipped Exercise Studio we prescribe exercise for injury rehabilitation, injury prevention and improved athletic performance. Patients may choose to train on site, independently at their gym or as a Home Exercise Program.
The types of Exercises Prescribed:
1. Stretching
2. Core Exercises
3. Strengthening Exercises
4. Neurodynamics
5. Balance Exercises
6. Proprioception Exercises
7. Swiss Ball Exercises
8. Hydrotherapy Exercise
9. Strength & Conditioning
10. Functional Training
11. Pilates
12. Resistance Bands



Advice on:
1. General Exercise,
2. Good Posture,
3. Correct Lifting or Carrying Techniques, and
4. Avoiding movements which place the body at risk ie. awkward twisting, over-stretching or prolonged standing
5. Fitting Orthotics,
6. Fitting Braces (ie. Knee Brace, Wrist Brace),
7. Fitting Mobility Aids ie.walking frames and crutches. 
8. Assessment and Movement Analysis for:
  • Sports ie. cycling, running skiing,
  • Daily Activities ie. vacuuming, walking upstairs, squatting or in the
  • Workplace ie. Ergonomic Assessments.
Therapeutic Exercise Prescription
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