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Function & Form & Exercise
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  Sports Injuries

From the elite athlete to the weekend warrior, at Function and Form - Physiotherapy in North Sydney, we are focused on bringing your best.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage works towards treating dense layers of muscle and fascia. Deep Tissue massage is not always painful or requiring strong pressure.

Functional Restoration
 For Chronic Pain

Functional restoration emphasizes physical activity, desensitization and normalization of sympathetic tone in areas of chronic pain or injury.


Manual therapy is the application of specifically directed manual pressure to the body to improve mobility in restricted areas of the body.

Sports Taping

Taping has many uses in the sporting environment. Tape may be used to limit range of motion, support unstable joints, improve joint positioning.

Clinical Pilates

Improve mobility, stability, balance, posture & overall function. A safe & effective form of exercise, pilates is perfect for addressing the specific needs of each individual.


Orthotics may provide arch support or extra cushioning on the heel, around the toes, or for your entire foot.

Injury Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the restoration of optimal form (anatomy) and function (physiology). The ultimate goal is to limit the extent of the injury.
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