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Analysis & 
Food Plan 

The goal of this service is to create an individual food plan which meets your goals following analysis of your current eating habits and nutrition. **This program includes a one day plan ie meals for one day.  Additional plans may be purchased for $50.


package price iNCLUDES:

1/2 hr Initial Assessment

7 day Nutrition analysis

1 hour consultation

One Day Nutrition Plan 
Step One: 
Purchase Nutrition Analysis & Food Plan Online
to purchase program and book assessment:
Step Two: 
Complete Online Form
Following purchase of the program, you will receive an appointment confirmation email with a link to the Online Form.  The form includes a One Day Food Record (which is simply the food you ate yesterday, including the brand, the amount, and type. eg. 120g of Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt, 1 Cup of Basmati Rice, 1 Slice of Burgen Soy Lin Bread. ) and questions regarding your food, health or weight loss goals,  Being as precise as possible helps accuracy when creating your food plan.
Step Three: 
Attend Nutrition Analysis & Food Plan Assessment (30 minutes)
1. Review the information from your Weight Loss/ Nutrition Plan Form.
2. Take Body Measurements & Photos, including Skinfolds, Circumferences,  (so wear something you feel comfortable in but also still show the parts you wish to change. We use your measurements to help determine your calorie consumption.
3. Login to the food recording app eg Myfitnesspal to demonstrate how to record food intake using your One Day Food Record.
4. Explain Our Nutrition Analysis & Food Plan Process.
Step Four: 
Complete Food Planning Document
Our Food Planning Document helps us understand your food preferences and the times of day you tend to eat.  We use this information to formulate your first Food Plan.  You will be asked to indicate your preferred sources of protein, starchy carbs and vegetables, fruits and good fats.  
Keep in mind, you may have to consider broadening some of your food behaviours ie eating more than twice per day, eating more than one or two vegetables.  
to book consultation:
Step Five: 
Attend Nutrition Analysis & Food Plan Consultation (60 minutes)
 (a minimum of 7days later, so you may complete your 7 day record)
1. Review Seven Day Food Record ie  MyFitnessPal record, discuss recording improvements in accuracy if required.  
2. Demonstrate how to use a Progress Record Spreadsheet  to record average calories and macros, daily activity,  for previous week using
3. Re-measure body weight, and some other anthropometric measurements 
4. Receive  Individual Food Plan

**inclusion of specific recipes or recipe analysis on request @ $30 per unique recipe

Function & FOrm Provides
Nutrition Plan & Assessment
7 day Nutrition analysis

1 hour ASSESSMENT &consultation

One Day Nutrition Plan 
Ongoing Nutrition Monitoring
Following the Nutrition Analysis and Food plan it is recommended to attend a review every 2- 4 weeks,  prior to the review you will need to complete a 7 day record using an application, so we may use this information to create your next plan.
Step One: 
Purchase Ongoing Nutrition Monitoring Online
to purchase and book this appointment:
Step Two: 
Complete Online Form
A link to the Ongoing Nutrition Monitoring Online Form is located within the appointment confirmation email.   Complete this, and a seven day record using an app prior to your appointment (provide login details)
Step Three: 
Attend Ongoing Nutrition Monitoring Appointment (60 minutes)
1. Review the information
2. Take Body Measurements & Photos
3. Add to Progress Record Sheet
4. Evaluate  progress thus far
Step Four: 
Receive Nutrition Analysis & Food Plan via email
**inclusion of specific recipes or recipe analysis on request @ $30 per recipe

***additional plans are provided on request $50 per plan
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