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Weight Loss & Nutrition

The goal of our program is not only to achieve real and tangible results but to become independent with managing your nutrition whether that be  weight loss, weight maintenance or even weight gain.  
This program is  for people serious about weight loss and changing their food behaviours.  You will learn about food, calories, macro nutrients, creating food plans to meet your goals. 
An essential component of the program is partaking in accurate daily tracking of food intake for 9 weeks using an application like "myfitnesspal" or "mycarboncoach."  
Using this approach you can expect to lose up to 12 kg in this time period without severe calorie restriction and eating some of the foods you love, some of the time.  (No food send offs are required).
Eighty Percent of weight loss is attributed to eating behaviours.  You can not eat the same way  and expect a different result!  Partaking in this program requires a commitment to change and to challenge your beliefs around your food intake.
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7-8 weeks of monitoring 
PlUs 8 nutrition Plans
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