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Specific Strength Training
for Running

The following is a generalized program for improving specific deficits in strength.

Firstly one needs to assess from analysis of running technique where the weaknesses may lie, then with musculo-skeletal testing of the possible causes, identify if in fact these weakness are apparent. With this information a strength program (along with a stretching regimen) is formulated for each individual. Without working through this process it would be like taking another persons medicine: sometimes counterproductive, unnecessary or conflicting with your specific needs.


Balancing Calf Raises- double leg, single Leg


Standing Lunges, Bench Lunges


Head on Ball, Single leg bridge


Wall Exercise from weight shift to single leg squat


Planks with arm raise, Side Planks


Running Motion Standing on Bosu


Theraband PunchesThe TRX is specialized form of suspension training and takes it’s name from total resistance exercise.

This versatile and simple apparatus uses the principles of that gravity and the exerciser’s body weight. These body weight exercises can be designed to optimize strength, balance, flexibility or core stability.

The former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick was responsive for engineering this piece of equipment.

Clients of Function & Form can either perform TRX exercises within their training sessions or may have a TRX set up at home. For Home Training, an exercise program is created, demonstrated and progressed as needed.
TRX Training
Specific Strength Training for Running