Function & Form & Exercise
Function & Form & Exercise
Physiotherapy in North Sydney
  • Experienced Physiotherapist
    specializing in sports performance and injury recovery
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  • Specialist Personal Training
    personalized single and paired training sessions for fitness, injury rehabilitation, wellness and weight management
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  • Exercise Rehabilitation
    advanced rehabilitation and functional training 
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  • Comprehensive Injury Recovery
    for musculoskeletal injuries, sporting injuries, postural pain, post operative recovery
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Why Function & Form Physiotherapy & Exercise?

At Function & Form we combine physiotherapy with exercise to make your body better.  We have successfully treated patients and trained clients in North Sydney for over 14 years! Our goal is to help individuals optimize their level of health, mobility and wellness.  We achieve this through providing advanced physiotherapy and specialist programs to improving strength, conditioning and reduce future injury.

Reduce or Eliminate Pain

Physiotherapy combines the use of therapeutic exercise, manual therapy,  joint mobilizations and deep tissue massage to   relieve pain, restore joint range of movement and maximise muscle strength and conditioning..

Improve Function & Mobility

Recovering from injury or surgery is only one part of the rehabilitation process.  Returning back to all the things you loved to do before you became injured is where the real skill comes into play.  Exercise and rehabilitation progression involve a great understanding of both therapeutic and fitness level exercise.

Improve Long Term Health

Wellness Programs are the magic fountain of youth and the best solution to date to reduce the negative effects of aging and development of disease. Through regular exercise and a macro balanced diets we have worked with the over 60's and sometimes 80's to produce happy and healthy individuals for over 14 years.

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Our Services

Providing professional care for our Patients

Sports Injuries

From the elite athlete to the weekend warrior, at Function and Form Physiotherapy and Exercise in North Sydney, we are focused on returning you to your best.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage works towards treating dense layers of muscle and fascia to relieve pain, restore range or ease tension. The intensity of Deep Tissue Massage can vary and is therefore not always painful or requiring strong pressure.


Manual therapy is the application of specifically directed manual pressure to the body to improve mobility in restricted areas of the body.

Functional Restoration

Functional restoration emphasizes physical activity, desensitization and normalization of sympathetic tone in areas of chronic pain or injury.
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Plans & Prices

Our prices for Personal Training and Physiotherapy at
Function & Form Physiotherapy & Exercise in North Sydney.

Nutrition Plans

North Sydney meal plans.  Using current research to create macro balanced meal plans: for weight loss, optimal health, improved sporting performance and recovery.  In addition, providing ongoing evaluation and support.

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Personal Training

Specialist Personal Training in North Sydney, with over 30 years of fitness industry experience. Train one on one or with a partner in a private fully equipped studio.

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Physiotherapy Prices

Advanced Physiotherapy in North Sydney, with exercise prescription eliminating pain, restoring strength & function.  Working with musculo-skeletal conditions, surgical recovery, sporting injuries, postural pain, and many more.

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