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Function & Form & Exercise
Exercise & physiotherapy in North Sydney
    Experienced Physiotherapist
    specialising in sports performance and injury recovery

    The Function & Form Difference

    What makes physiotherapy at Function & Form a different injury rehabilitation experience?

    What makes us great.

    We are not saying we're the best, but there's a few things that set us apart from your regular physiotherapy clinic.

    As a boutique Physiotherapy & Exercise Studio we manage social distancing pretty easily, there's no waiting room and no other patients sharing the space. In fact, things are much the same for us, with surfaces cleaned between each consultation.

    As the first Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology service in North Sydney over 14 years ago, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in Health and Fitness.

    We love our broad range of patients.  We see Sports Injuries from a large variety of sports, patients with Back Pain, Neck Pain and Headaches.  We also create personalised  Wellness Programs for Retirees, who report significant improvements in strength, fitness, mobility and balance. A structured exercise program results in not only a more fulfilling life, but an ability to live safely and independently as long as possible.

    A Physiotherapy Consultation involves a thorough injury assessment, treatment, and rehabilitative  exercise prescription. Our fully equipped Exercise Studio is the perfect environment for reviewing and adjusting exercise programs or modifying gym exercises.

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    One Treatment Room + One Physio = Covid-19 Safe
    Fully equipped Exercise Studio enabling extensive Exercise Prescription options & Injury Assessment
    One Hour, thorough Injury Assessments 
    Continuity, see the same physio throughout your recovery
    20 years Physiotherapy Experience & 30 years in the Fitness Industry
    As an Exercise Physiologist & Physiotherapist, vast experience delivering exercise and working with all Sports .
    Teaching independent Injury Management .
    Strength & Conditioning knowledge and experience beyond Physiotherapy limits.

    Physiotherapy Conditions

    What conditions do we treat at Function and Form?
    Physiotherapy for Sports Injuries


    We are industry leaders in providing outstanding physiotherapy results in Sports Injury Rehabilitation, enabling fast and successful return to sport.

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    Physiotherapy for Musculoskeletal Pain


    The vast majority of our patients present with Musculoskeletal Injuries, either resulting from poor posture, repetitive overuse in the work place, or Sports Injuries.

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    Treating all Types of Headache with Physiotherapy: Migraine, Cervicogenic Headache and Tension Headache.

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    Acute & Chronic Lower Back Pain


    A thorough physiotherapy assessment includes a thorough medical history, review of medical records,  scans or tests, and a physical examination.

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    Complexities of Chronic Pain


    Using Functional restoration principles for Chronic Pain  Management.  Emphasising physical activity to desensitise and normalise sympathetic tone in pain areas.

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    Physiotherapy for Pregnancy


    Providing Pre & Postnatal Physiotherapy to relieve pain related to pregnancy,  prescribe exercise to prepare for child birth, after birth body reconditioning, and addressing Diastasis Recti issues.

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    Physiotherapy for Back & Neck Pain


    Determining the source of pain though spinal assessment, combined with manual therapy and exercise, significantly reduces the duration of symptoms of neck pain.

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    Walking Aids Post Surgery


    Post Surgical Physiotherapy Rehabilitation for repairs, replacements and reconstructions. Achilles Tendon Repair, Hip, Shoulder & Knee Replacements, Knee Reconstructions, Rotator Cuff Repair  Lumbar Spinal Fusions and Lumbar Discectomies.

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    Neurological Conditions


    Physiotherapy for Neurological disorders  affecting the brain, spinal cord and nerves; such as Stroke, Multiple Sclorosis and Parkinson's disease.

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    Physiotherapy and the Older Adult


    Promoting optimal health with physiotherapy and exercise prescription to address issues of deconditioning through injury, illness, or periods of inactivity. Providing strategies and treatment for degenerative disorders ie.Osteoarthritis.

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    Physiotherapy Techniques

    What Physiotherapy Techniques do we use at Function and Form?

    Manual Therapy

    Physiotherapy Manual Therapy
    Manual Therapy is hands on part of the treatment. At Function and Form we embrace hard work, and provide soft tissue massage, joint mobilisations, Sports Taping and a variety of physiotherapy techniques to either reduce pain or improve movement.

    Movement & Exercise Prescription

    Therapeutic Exercise Prescription
    In our fully equipped Exercise Studio we prescribe exercises for injury rehabilitation, injury prevention and improved athletic performance. Patients may choose to train on with physiotherapy instruction on site, as an independent Home Exercise Program or at their local gym.

    Education and Advice

    Physiotherapy Advice & Education
    Knowing what to movements or positions to avoid following a Back Injury for example, is an important component of the recovery process. We also prescribe Orthotics, braces, mobility aids ie. walking frames and crutches.
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    Other Services

    Specialist Personal Training

    Specialist Personal Training in North Sydney, with over 30 years of fitness industry experience. Train one on one or with a partner in our private fully equipped studio.
    Personal training for individuals or pairs only.

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    Clinical Pilates 

    North Sydney meal plans.  Using current research to create macro balanced meal plans: for weight loss, optimal health, improved sporting performance and recovery.  In addition, providing ongoing evaluation and support.
    Pilates for individuals or pairs only.

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