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Our Weight Loss /
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General Overview

Our Nutrition Course

What is it?

The goal of our course is to teach clients to become independent in managing their nutrition goals, through a process of analysing current eating behaviours, learning about calories, and macronutrients, and developing nutrition plans that include some of the "fun stuff" making the plan sustainable in the long term.

Our Nutrition Course

The 3 stages:

Stage 1.

Nutrition Program

Our plans begin with an analysis of your current eating behaviors, and establishing an estimate of baseline calories
following a 7-day food record (using an application). With this data and your indicated food preferences, we create your personalised nutrition plan. Depending on whether you require one, (the Basic) two (Alternate Days), or three (Three Day).
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Stage 2.

Nutrition Review

In the early stages of changing food behaviours, particularly for weight loss, regular reviews are essential to help keep you motivated and on track. We encourage at this stage, a minimum of fortnightly reviews. These sessions include reassessment of body composition, supported food planning, and the generation of a new food plan according to your goals and food preferences.
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Stage 3.

Ongoing Support

Our online check-in keeps you accountable for your goals.
with weekly sharing of data which helps to highlight opportunities for improvement and if any adjustments to the food plan are required.
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Our Nutrition Course

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Meal Plans
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Progress Review/
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Weekly Online
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