North Sydney Physiotherapy

Physio North Sydney

Specialist Personal Training

Train with a Physiotherapist who is also a Specialist Personal Trainer
with over 30 years of Health, Fitness, Strength & Conditioning experience.
We offer clients regular weekly Personal Training at our private Exercise Studio.
Or personalised Gym/Exercise Programs to complete either at home or your gym.
We also provide a highly successful weight loss and nutrtion program. 
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Our Exercise Studio at Function and Form contains all the essential Exercise Equipment.
Our extensive range of high quality commercial grade equipment enables us to create a compete exercise experience with unlimited variety.

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Client Groups & their Training Goals


Instructing the principles of good form and lifting technique and how to safely progress volume, resistance and intensity, and often providing teens with their first gym program. Supporting and educating young women who are seeking weight loss, or preparing for an event or simply wanting to better understand healthy eating and weight maintenance.

Pre & Post Natal

Exericise Programs that combine the need to focus on Pregnancy specific issues or restore areas of strength.


Working through deficits in athletic performance with resistance training.


Exercise plans for retirees combine a rehabilitation component for pre existing injuries or weak areas with general fitness exercise, with the aim to optimise health and independent living.

deconditioned patients

Structured Exercise following an extended period of illness or injury, and requiring professional support to return to previous level of health.

Pre existing injury or condition

Providing exercise for clients requiring professional expertise to navigate appropriate exercises intensity, type, and progression.

changing body composition

Either optimising lean tissue or promoting fat loss.
Guidelines for Older Adult Nutrition

Training Styles

Read about some of the Training Styles we use at Function and Form
to meet our Client's Goals


Daily life activities, replicating Sports Movement patterns, using resistance, with equipment that adds varying degrees of instability ie. Bosu, Foam Rollers, Swiss Ball, Trx .


Running Festivals in Sydney
Boxing, Interval Training HIIT, Circuit Training, Cycling, Running, Stepping .


Research demonstrates that resistance exercise training has profound effects on the musculoskeletal system, contributes to the maintenance of functional abilities, and prevents osteoporosis, sarcopenia, lower-back pain, and other disabilities.


Clinical Pilates Arms in Straps
Clinical Pilates has proven to be effective in achieving improvements in posture, re-educating movement patterns, specifically targeting activate weak muscle groups or providing progressive recovery from injury or surgery.


Specialist Personal Training

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