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Smith machines would have to be one of the most diverse pieces of gym equipment. The Smith Machine is able to replicate many free weight exercise movements with the added benefit of stability.
The lifting bar of the Smith Machine is fixed, and slides vertically on the guide rails. As the bar is relatively fixed and has the addition of safety catches, this piece of exercise equipment offers protection and provides a safe alternative to free weights for beginners or when progressing a weight training to failure.
At Function & Form we use the Smith Machine for an exhaustive list of exercises. Some of our favourites are:
* Bulgarians
* Squats
* Lunges
* Dead Lifts (Bent & Straight Leg)
* Calf Raises
* Glut Kick Backs (single & double)
* Shoulder Press
* Upright Row
* Bench Press
* Single Arm Rows
This particular Smith Machine comes with a few unique attachments that provide additional exercises. These attachments allow the machine to be used as:
1. Squat Rack for Free Weight Barbell Training
2. Dip Bar for Tricep Dips
3. Chin Up Bar
4. Torsionator for Squats, Abdominal Twists, Squat Presses etc
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Smith Machine Training