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The medicine ball is an all-round fitness accessory initially used by physiotherapists to re-train people after injury. Balls range in weight from 1 to 10+ kilos and create a plethora of exercises which may enhance speed, agility, power and muscular endurance when incorporated into a training regimen.
The medicine ball is perfect for performing plyometric exercises which work towards developing power and explosiveness. ie. as a projectile for increasing throwing power of your throws, or vertical jump height (doing exercises like squats combined with throwing a medicine ball).

Medicine balls may be used in training can be used to replicate a range of movements and reproducing specific actions. When incorporated into warm-ups and training, the medicine ball can boost the speed and accuracy of movements by improving proprioception.

Medicine balls are also improve coordination and balance. By using the medicine ball to be thrown off balance or improve coordination the deeper muscles of the abdominals and lumbar spine are more effectively activated. Improving these muscle leads to improved posture and a better, stronger core.

Medicine Ball Exercises enable movements that work an entire chain of muscles developing inter muscular coordination, improved abdominals and lumbar muscles, along with calorie burning and muscle growth.
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