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Neurological Disorders

Physiotherapist treat patients with Neurological Conditions. These conditions result in movement and functional impairments due to damage to either the brain, spinal cord or the nervous system.

Neurological Disorders at Function & Form

Stroke, Cerebrovascular Accident CVA, Transient Ischemic Attack TAI

Acquired Brain Injury

Parkinsons Disease

Spinal Cord Injury

Neuro-degenerative Disorders like Alzheimer’s & Dementia, Huntington’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease

Demyelination Disorders: Carcot Marie Tooth and Multiple Sclerosis.

Spasmodic Torticollis

How we treat Neurological Disorders

1. Passive Limb Exercises for patients who are either confined to bed or experiencing muscle and joint stiffness.
2. Prescription of Exercises specific to the condition and to address general health and fitness needs of the individual. Exercises may be a undertaken in bed if the patient is particularly limited, as an At Home Program or in a formal gym setting.
3. Restoring Muscle Length with active or passive stretching routines. Especially in areas of muscle contracture.
4. Improving Posture through both strengthening, stretching and proprioception.
5. Improving Balance for falls prevention.
6. Strategies in managing features like Ataxia
7. Providing strategies for managing self care at home, the workplace, sport and public transport.
8. Restoring Muscle Strength with targeted exercise appropriate to the patient’s capabilities and goals.
9. Prescription and use of mobility aids where appropriate, walking sticks, crutches, frames, the use of braces
10. Improving walking and other functional activities like moving safely around the home, getting out of bed, moving from sitting to standing,climbing stairs,
11. Improving the stamina of deconditioned patients

Physio Treatment for Parkinson's Disease
Physiotherapy for
Parkinson's Disease
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