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stretches for runners

Dynamic Stretching Before Running

The best stretching to do before running is Dynamic Stretching ie performing leg swings etc to gently warm up muscle and working them through range.

Calves: Mountain Pose Alternate Calf Stretch
Hamstrings: Leg swings
Adductors: Cross Leg Swings
Quads: Bum Kicks
Glutes: Cross Legged Squats
Lumbar Spine: Rotations
Shoulders: Arm Swings- forwards, side ways, and horizontal
Neck: Rotations and Side to side

Static Stretching After Running

Calves: Knee to Wall & Leaning wall stretch
Quads: Prone heel to butt
Rectus Femoris: Proposal Stretch with rear leg up wall
Hip Joint: Figure of 4 Stretch
Glutes: Pigeon Pose
Hamstrings: Seated on bench single leg stretch
Lumbar Spine: Reverse RotationAbdominals: Cobra Stretch with Knee Stretch
Chest: Arm against wall
Bicep: Arms behind
Tricep: Hand to shoulder
Torso: Mermaid Stretch
Preparing for a race
Running Stretches