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Working to optimize nutrition is like working to improve your financial situation. There are endless similarities between working towards financial and physical health and often I find myself drawing on these comparisons as means to effectively demonstrate my message.

Food is a valuable source of our health currency, it enables us to perform activities, repair damage, have enjoyment, pleasure, concentrate and focus, to grow another human being, fight diseases, and potentially live longer.
So, you can eat what ever you want, when you want, simply winging it from day to day???

How's that really working out for you?

The Seven P's - Proper, Prior, Planning, Prevents, Piss, Poor, Performance

Assessing nutrition has a profound effect on quality of life, not only are you assured your nutritional needs are being met, whether they be exercised, growth, health, injury, recovery, pregnancy, bone density , changing body composition or improving appearance and thus self confidence, but also time efficiency in food preparation and minimizing wastage.

Miss-using your food currency could, among a multitude of problems, result having no spending power, living on a unnecessarily restrictive budget that still does not meet goals and under estimates your requirements. Education is power, and assists informed decision making that in turn can be harnessed to achieve your desired health outcome

Planning Intake and expenditure of calories
The Food Budget