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Using sliders in a workout is one of the most effective ways to engage a lot of muscles at once.
When added to an exercise, sliders increase the level of difficulty and help engage the transverse abdominis (a deep internal core muscle). Sliders may also enable less friction in a movement, allowing a fast pace that in turn increases the exercise intensity.
The upper limb weight bearing in many of the exercises is wonderful for cervical (neck), scapular (shoulder blade) and glenohumeral (shoulder joint) retraining strength and stability.
Some of the exercises possible are:
* 1. The Body Saw- In Plank moving through the shoulder joint.
* 2. The Mountain Climber
* 3. Prone Hip/ Knee Flexion - in a high plank
* 4. In Plank Hip Abduction/ Adduction
* 5. Double Knee Tuck
* 6. Plank to Pike
* 7. Plank, Pike and Double Knee Tuck
* 8. Double Knee Tuck With Side Twist
* 9. High Plank Arm Circles
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