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Be Rewarded for Training More Often


In 2022 Function and Form Physiotherapy and Exercise are introducing their own Frequent Flyer Rewards Program for Personal Training.  
Rewarding consistent training not only with the success of achieving your goals, but bonus Personal Training Sessions.
One of the most basic principles concerning goal and result achievement is consistency..
Routine behaviours are more easily adopted
Lack of consistency reduces the effectiveness of an exercise program
Without consistency the body's adaption to exercise is reduced, and habit formation is more challenging.
Consistent Training increases the probability of experiencing adaptations sooner, which in turn enhances motivation

Frequent Flyer One

Once Per Week Personal Training Clients will receive an additional 2 sessions when committing to 12 weeks of training 

Frequent Flyer Two

Twice Per Week Personal Training Clients will receive an additional 2 sessions when committing to 6 weeks of training

Frequent Flyer Three

Three Per Week Personal Training Clients will receive an additional 3 sessions when committing to 6 weeks of training.


Be Rewarded for Training More Often

Step One

Select Number of Sessions

Decide on the number of training sessions per week. Options: One, Two or Three

Step Two

Note Expiry Date

Please note Expiry Dates. Frequent Flyer One expires 12 weeks from purchase date,
Frequent Flyer Two & Three expires 6 weeks from purchase date.

Step Three

Book Appointments Online

Prebook your sessions.
Either at the Initial Appointment or Book Online (you can now multiple sessions in one entry).

Step Four

Note Cancellation Policy

As per the Cancellation Policy agreed to at the time of your appointment booking,
last minute cancellations ie. less than 24 hours, incur an automatic cancellation fee
equal to the value of the session booked..

Step Five

Appointment Changes Online

Unable to attend your booked session outside the 24 hour period?
**ALL appointment changes are processed through the Online Booking System.

 **Why we do this:
1.  We do not employ receptions staff (which keep our consultation prices low).
2. Answering calls during the appointments of other patients/clients delivers a suboptimal service for that customer, 
3. When you schedule your appointments you get to see all the available appointments at a glance and therefore more quickly check against your own calendar. 
4. If you need to change the appointment you are able to do this as often as you like at any time of day or night, 
6. You can instantly check if you've entered your email address and appointment details correctly when you receive the confirmation email 
Hicaps Available

we accept most health funds!

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