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Physiotherapist Vaccinated against Covid 19
 We are fully vaccinated and compliant  with government and industry guidelines  amid COVID-19 times

Covid Policy

Function and Form is open for both Physiotherapy & Personal Training business in North Sydney.

Does Function & Form Physiotherapy North Sydney comply with Coronavirus Safety?

The three main areas of compliance we successfully deliver are:
1. Fully Vaccinated staff,
2. Social distancing and limiting the number of people gathered in one location, and
3. Appropriate santisation of surfaces.

As a sole practitioner physiotherapy and personal training business we are in a unique position where compliance with coronavirus guidelines create very little interruption to our usual practice.

From the moment a customer walks into our rooms they are the only additional person on the premise, there is no waiting room exposure to others,  thus limiting surfaces that have come into contact with others. 

As per normal, only one patient is treated within each appointment time frame so cleaning between each appointment is conducted with ease. 

How we are implementing the guidelines

1. Clients and Patients are able to sanitize their hands immeditley on entering the building and the physiotherapy and exercise studio.  Each person is also reminded to wash their hands on entering.

2. Any person who is experiencing flu like symptoms or has been exposed to a coronavirus positive person, or who has recently returned from overseas travel is asked to self quarantine for 14 days before recommencing attendance.

3. All linen is  replaced and washed between EACH patient. Disposable sheets are used on the treatment couch and exposed surfaces are cleaned with antiviral solution. As per usual our practitioners  wash their hands before attending each patient.

4. All exercise equipment that has made contact with the previous exercising individual is be cleaned in between clients.

5. Clients are asked to bring a large towel to cover exercise equipment surfaces.

Is Function & Form offering Telehealth or remote training?

For sometime we at Function and Form have trained clients remotely via video conferencing platforms.  This services has been utilised by clients who are traveling for work or business both nationally and internationally.

Now for the first time, we are offering this service to our vulnerable patients who are either choosing to self isolate or are restricted by child caring duties or working from home.

Exercise Programs are created based on the individual capabilities of the client, the equipment available  and their goals.  We are also able to review technique and modify or progress exercise where appropriate. 

Patients may also access telehealth services on request.
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