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Wrist, Hand & Finger Injuries

Injuries to the Joint

  • Joint Sprains of the Thumb & Wrist
  • Syndesmosis Injuries
    (refers to injury to the interosseous tissue responsible for stabilising the radius and the ulna under load, either lifting or weight bearing).

Injuries to the Bone

  • (fractures & dislocations of the metacarpals, phalanges)
    Boxer's Fracture
    the most common of all the hand fractures, is a compression fracture to the fifth metacarpal joint (at the base of the little finger).
  • Scaphoid fractures
    one of eight small bones of the wrist, commonly occurring from a fall on an outstretched hand.
  • Dislocations of the PIP Joint
    injury to the joint above the knuckle, occurring from either forced hyperextended (backwards) or hyperextended (downward). A combination of fractures, dislocations, and fracture dislocations may occur.

Injuries to the Tendon

  • De Quervain's Tenosynovosis
    irritation of the tendons at the base of the thumb
  • Extensor Carpi Ulnaris Tendonosis
    an overuse injury of the ECU tendon.
  • Mallet Finger
    often occurs following impact from a ball to the tip of the finger, causing to to bend beyond the normal range of motion and results in tearing of the extensor tendon.
  • Jersey Finger
    occurs when the fingertip is forcibly extended causing the flexor tendon to rupture from the bone, and resulting in an inability to bend the finger.
  • Boutonnière Deformity
    injury to the extensor tendons following a forceful blow whilst the finger is bent, resulting in injury to the "central slip" of tendon. The result is a middle finger joint that bends downward and the fingertip end joint bends back, and an inability to fully extend the finger.
Exercises for Wrist Pain
De Quervain's Tenosynovitis Exercises

Injuries to the Ligaments

Skier's Thumb (Ulnar Collateral Ligament)

Neural Injuries

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Neural Pain of Cervical Spine Origin

Other Wrist, Hand & Finger Injuries & Conditions

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